Diksha Anand, Himalayan Yoga Teacher

Diksha Anand is an International yoga teacher

Diksha Anand was born in 1994 at a very small village of northern india and began her studies in a Monk’s School in Haridwar where she learn about yoga at the age of 9. She started her journey as a student and a practitioner of Hatha yoga as a child in northern India.

At the age of 9, she met a Monk Swami Amlanand in her school and she got interested to live in his ashram one day to learn yoga. At her age of 18, Diksha-Ji moved to Tripura Yoga Ashram where she started to practice traditional hatha yoga from the very beginning of her ashram life under the teachings of guru Swami Amlanand. That was the time when she started to be around of monks and spiritual gurus and learn from them the lessons of ancient scriptures. She followed the ashram’s daily routines and the strict rules and regulations of Guru ji, where her spiritual and transformational journey began. She has practice four traditional paths of yoga i.e. Hatha yoga, Bhakti Yoga, karma Yoga and jana yoga.

Diksha Ji believes that ‘’Spirituality come when we begin to go deeper – deeper in our practice, deeper in our prayers, deeper in beliefs and deeper in ourselves… deepness always shows the capacity and capacity always shows the strength!’’

Diksha-Ji moved to rishikesh seeking formal traning in tradional yoga in 2014 and completed 200 hours yoga teacher training and just after completing 200 hours she started her journey as a teacher. On the other hand she was on the way to gather more knowledge and on the same time she has done 85 hours prenatal yoga teacher training in 2015. Diksha ji completed her 500 hours YTT in 2016. She started her journey as an international yoga teacher since then. She goes to European countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Belgium to attend her solo conferences yoga every year. She also brings her students and friends to the spiritual Himalayan trips for yoga and meditation retreat and teach workshops and drop in classes in her guru’s ashram. Her purpose is to share her wisdom in traditional way to the people from every corner of the world.

Diksha ji established Swami Amlanand International Trust, which works on Spiritual enlightenment of human being through out the world, inspire people to practice yoga to live Divine life and works on the sensitive Social Issues. Diksha Ji is an energetic youngster to help and aware the girls in rural villages for their education.

Diksha make her first trip to Europe in 2015 and began to teach internationally. Diksha-ji teaches holistic yoga workshops internationally, including different aspect of practice: asana, pranayama, mudra, meditation, philosophy and Vedic chanting.

Life in Ashram

In 2012, Diksha moved to Tripura yoga ashram in Haridwar. She had started to live an ashram life by practicing karma yoga, bhakti yoga and Hatha yoga with other students of ashram. There were strict rules to follow and learn the discipline. Swami Amalanand, an Indian Monk and the founder of Tripura Yoga ashram was the guru for the disciples in the Ashram. His teachings were unique and very clear which was the best way for self realization. There was a routine from morning to evening in the ashram where each hour was learning. Diksha follow all the daily routines from Morning Prayer to evening Sanskrit class with gurudev. Diksha had been doing karma yoga by cooking Satvik food and helping in the kitchen, cleaning the rooms. And, Bhakti yoga- under a priest guidance and self practice of Japa, mantra meditation, kirtan, Havan and chanting in the temple. And, she practice Hatha yoga under guru ji guidance.

Each and every spiritual practice in the ashram has a meaning in life as yoga is the daily routine and lifestyle. Diksha had been practicing under her guru for two years until he left his body. Diksha consider that two years practice as her foundational practice for her spiritual journey. In 2014, Diksha went for her first yoga teacher training in rishikesh as per her guru ji advice.

Receiving Her Name

Receiving a name from the spiritual teacher is the blessing. It’s a interesting story behind Diksha Ji receive name. She receives her name Diksha from her parents when she was born. While she was living in the ashram, she was expecting a name from Guru Swami Amalanand as he was giving spiritual names to every desciples. When she asked, guru ji said that “you already have a powerful name – Diksha, which means Initiation. Live your name!” Diksha Ji was not satisfied with the answer but guru ji was very much satisfied with her name.

In 2016, when Diksha was in her 500 hours yoga teacher training, she had another opportunity to receive a spiritual name from her yoga teacher Yogrishi Vishvketu. The day when He was giving names to all his students, it was the turn of Diksha ji. It was really interesting that she again get the same name Diksha but with addition of Anand, which means Bliss. Then, she realizes that Diksha is her spiritual name from childhood and she must accept the wording of Guru ji. Now, her spiritual name is Diksha-Anand, Initiation of the bliss. In other way she really feels her name connected with her guru name which is Swami Amal- Anand, which means Pure Bliss.


Swami Amalanand

Swami Amalanand, founder of Tripura Yog Ashram belongs to the lineage of Adi Dattatreya and Adi Shankracharya. His spiritual journey began at a very early age. Since his childhood his aspiration was to search Supreme Truth and very soon he got the intuition that he would dedicate his entire life to Self Realization and the welfare of mankind. Additionally, he inspires people to protect, preserve and promote indigenous cows and heirloom seeds of vegetable, fruits, grains and lentils to save nature.

His Message :


Swami Sharad Puri

Swami Sharad Puri’s ardent love for Vedic knowledge and modern education inspired him to integrate the two aimed at dispelling ignorance amongst the youth, offering social service and preparing youth for a future harmonious society.

He studied Vedas, Upanishads, yoga darsha and other ancient scriptures under the guidance of great saints of India. He found Shivedale School in haridwar in the year 2000 and started to offer his service in the field of both vedic knowledge and modern education.

Guru Mahesh

Guru Mahesh is a tantric Astrologer more than 80 years old, who serve himself whole his life to the society. He is a devotee of Maha Kali and initiate thousands of people. He is full of wisdom and love. He lives in a village of Gujarat in India and continue his spiritual practices for wellness of this world.

His message in one of the Sanskrit mantra “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Nir-aamaya, Sarve Bhadraanni Pashyantu, Ma Kashcid Dukha Bhaag Bhavet” means “ May all become happy, may all be free from illness, may all see what is auspicious, may no one suffer”.