Charitable Initiatives

As being the practitioner and teacher Diksha Ji has intuition to offer her service in the society. She founded Swami Amlanand International Trust which works on the social issues such as illetracy, lack of basic needs and lack of medical facilities in villages. Diksha ji organize health camp in the villages where doctors come and give free treatments to the needy. With the help of the people we also organize the event to distribute the clothes and blankets.

Diksha JI belongs to a village and aware about the poor conditions of the girls. Due to the financial weakness people choose their boys to send to the school. Diksha Ji has a deep love for the girls and have passion to uplift them as they don’t get opportunities but they are very talented. Diksha Ji teach sometimes in her parent’s school and feel the connection with them. She organize yoga classes and camps on donations for the needy and used to collect funds from her friends around the world to help the needy girls for their education. Education is the basic need and everyone must have the right to education. Diksha Ji believes that “mothers are the first teacher to their kids and the future mothers are the present girls”